Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Business Analyst Resume Writing Tips with Resume Sample

A business analyst resume example is written by such candidates who possess the skills to research, collect and analyze business-related data in order to present it before the top management. The top management, then studies the report and decides upon the most viable and cost-effective ways to take the business further.

An analyst works closely with the research team. They take the data, primary or secondary, from the researchers and then, using the available tools and applicable formula, they come up with conclusive reports and graphic descriptions in the form of flow-charts, bar graphs and pie-charts. Along with these, they also suggest most viable course of action and the relative, expected results.

It is necessary for an analyst to be proficient in mathematics, analytics, possess perfect understanding of the complete business model, extracting information, data-mining, online analytical processing and related software.

Some of the essential tips for writing a good business analyst resume are as follows:

Decide the resume format- First step is to decide upon the suitable resume format for your job application. There are functional resumes, chronological resumes, combination resumes and targeted resumes. Though, there is no hard and fast rule as to which resume format to follow in which job application, it varies from case-to-case.

Choose your objective statement carefully- Choose the wording of your objective statement as carefully as possible. This is your most important chance to establish your image as a worthy applicant in front of the recruiter. Keep it crisp and short, preferably, one sentence only.

Select your keywords carefully- You must research for all the important words that are used commonly in the industry in which you are applying for the job. Use these words as your keywords at various places in the resume. The recruiter looks for specific words or skills in any resume and if he finds them in your resume, you chances of qualifying for the next step of the interview, increase.

Support your claims with proof of your work- You should always state your key skills and responsibilities that you fulfilled while being at your previous jobs. You can also attach certificates of excellence and other recognition certificates along with your resume letter.

Use bullet points- When you write a resume, it will help you to divide it under separate sections like Skill Summary, Work Experience, Education, etc. and under each such section, mention the details in separate bullet points. But take care that you don’t over-populate these lists. Stick to 5-6 bullet points under each section.

The most important thing is to refer to a similar resume sample while getting down to drafting your own business analyst resume.

These are some important tips that will prove to be helpful to you when you write your resumes. You can find more information about ideal resume samples on the internet.

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